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Hi! I’m Stephen or Steve and I enjoy visiting new places and checking out new things. I’d like to be able to help you get to explore new places and relax as well. Let me help you plan your next adventure whether it’s a cruise, Disney destination, or just a weekend getaway. There’s always something available that can fill the need. We just need to search and find it! 

Travel I can Book

My main concentrations are cruises and Disney destinations since that’s what I enjoy researching and keep up to date on the most! However, I do have the ability to book any kind of travel adventure including land tours.

Get your Group On!

The most fun way to travel and experience new adventures is with a group. Either you know the people your traveling with or you’ll meet new friends as part of the group. The most common type of group is affinity where you either know the people you’re traveling with or you have something in common. Let’s get your next group trip started today!

My Valuable Services

Travel Advisory

Half the challenge of planning a great trip is figuring out what is the best option for you and your group. From day trips to cruises to Disney Destinations, I’m sure we can find the best option for your next upcoming getaway.

From day trips to week long getaways, we can find the perfect way to get you reconnect, recreated, and rejuvenated allowing you to get back to whatever you do best.

Trip Planning and Consultation

Trip planning can be confusing and daunting especially when there are so many options to choose from. There are also many logistical challenges that need to be considered.

Let’s talk to see what trip best suits you, your family, or your group.

Activities and Excursions

Part of having an enjoyable trip is having everything planned and in place. Don’t leave things to last minute that could ruin your great trip. Let me help you get all your reservations in place so that your not left in the dust scrambling.

Why Book with Me?

In this busy world in which we live, we all need time to travel and get back in touch with ourselves and those we are closest to. Once in a while, we need that guidance to help us decide where to go and what to do. Because I use a white glove customer service approach and service only a few clients at a time, I take the time to get to know you first, then research destinations and suppliers and provide you with selections to fit your unique travel personality. You will receive my support from the initial planning discussion through your vacation. Have a question or concern as you’re preparing to depart? Want to add a special touch or upgrade to your trip? I am here to help with all these scenarios and more!

My strengths which make me a great travel agent are that I’m a good listener, planner, and logistician. I enjoy putting together trips for my family and friends alike. What sets me apart from those Internet booking sites is that I can share my experiences and opinions based on what I have found to work well and not so well along with hacks which can enhance your day to day happenings. What makes me unique is that I have connections that I can tap in order to make the trip more enjoyable along the way and willing to work with you the way you want to organize your trip.

My Travel Background

I became a travel agent because I enjoy helping others get to experience new places, new cultures, and help people relax and get back to their best selves while sharing my experiences and tips. My favorite travel memories are those I spent with good friends on group trips either large or small. We got to know each other better without the stress of everyday life and some have remained close for years. The destinations that I enjoy most are those that allow me to relax and get inspired such as cruises, Disney and the Caribbean. The destinations that are on my to-do list are Alaska, Greece, and some parts of the eastern world.

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