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Stephen, your travel advisor, has had many years traveling throughout the world including the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. He has a passion for travel and knowing that we all need to reconnect, renew, and reset our minds. 

He became a travel agent because he enjoys helping others get to experience new places, new cultures, and help people relax and get back to their best selves while sharing his experiences and tips.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people rejuvenate themselves from the everyday grind and reconnect and have fun with those people they enjoy being with such as family, friends, or work colleagues.

In order achieve this purpose, we want to ensure that the best guidance is delivered for each individual person or group. Therefore, we use a unique process to identify which adventures suite you best.

Our Vision

We live in a unique time where we push ourselves to the limit to the point we burn ourselves out and hurt those around us we love. Therefore, my vision is to enlighten others to take the time to reconnect with one another, have fun doing something new and adventurous, and rejuvenate so that we return to the daily grind with a new approach and full of energy.

Our Travel Story

Stephen been traveling since he was born. He has traveled the globe both by himself and his family. He has experienced many of the Caribbean islands individually as well as by cruise ship. He has also been to Western and Eastern Europe both on family and group trips.

Over the past 40 years, he has also gained great knowledge on Disney vacations and have dedicated training on how to best create great customer experiences from Disney themselves through the Disney Institute and related Disney travel training.

Stephen’s personal reflections of group travel have allowed him to see the need for more group travel. We grow socially and intellectually when we travel in groups. However, group travel needs to be done just right and that is what we’ve set out to accomplish.

His favorite travel memories are those he spent with good friends on group trips either large or small. They got to know each other better without the stress of everyday life and some have remained close for years. The destinations that he enjoys most are those that allow him to relax and get inspired such as cruises, Disney and the Caribbean. The destinations that are on his to-do list are Alaska, Greece, and some parts of the eastern world.

Our Travel Partnership

As an independent affiliate of KHM Travel Group, our goal to help you create the most memorable trips possible. Whether it be a cruise, Disney Destination, or local weekend getaway, we have you covered and served with a white glove.

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