The Benefits of Cruises in the Modern Day

Although I’ve been going on cruises for over 10 years now, I find the benefits of cruises in then modern day have a certain benefit over other vacations. That one simple benefit is being able to unplug from the Internet and constant connectivity at all times. A cruise forces you to shut down the phone, put it away and interact with people in a traditional or old fashioned kind of way.

Although some cruise lines are now offering high speed Internet packages at reasonable rates, it still is a luxury to connect while at sea. To me, it’s just easier to cast aside all the connected electronic devices and just have fun with those people around me rather than continuously having a phone or computer connected.

For many of us, we have forgotten what it means to connect with each other. We used to do it all the time because we were forced to talk to each other in person or via telephone. In the modern age of technology, everything is a text or emoji. We simply have forgotten how to communicate with others and share time and stories or just simply have fun with each other.

Staying in Contact While at Sea

One of the fun things to do to keep in touch with people you’re traveling with is to return to old technology. Remember leaving notes for people rather than texting them?? Post It Notes are one of the greatest ways to communicate with those with you when you’re roaming around the ship. Eventually you’re all going to return to your cabin to change, shower, or sleep. So, someone is going to see your little sticky note on the door, wall, bathroom or wherever you chose to leave it.

If you must keep your electronic best friend at your side for communicating with kids, husbands, wives, etc., many of the cruise lines are now offering a chat feature in their apps. These apps don’t require the purchase of Internet. It uses the ships internal WiFi to connect. Some apps even allow you to make voice calls as well.

Depending on the age of those traveling with you, how you keep in touch may be important especially if its your kids. However, using the old ways may just add a little bit of fun to the trip overall. Remember, you’re on vacation and the goal is to refresh and recreate.

Cruises Have Become A Destination

Cruising has changed drastically over the last few decades. It used to be specifically for certain groups of people, many of which were retired. Now, cruises have become a destination. Not only are the itineraries a destination, but the ships themselves have become destinations with so many options that you may not have enough time to experience it all. With so much at your fingertips to do, why do you need to be tied to your precious phone.

There is just so much to take in now on a modern cruise. Sure, you still have shuffleboard, gambling and bingo, but lots more has been added to satisfy just about everyone. From miniature golf, to sports decks, to wild water slides, every day has another shipboard adventure. Not to mention, that as the ships have gotten bigger, the number of bars and lounges have also increased, so finding a place to have a nice fruity frozen drink with a few family or friends is always a great option to take the edge off.

Although many ships built around the same time all basically get the same features, each ship is decorated slightly differently and have different themes. Much of this can be experienced in the stairwells at each landing with all the various photos and artwork. Since the ships all have at least 10 or more decks (floors) and at least two stairwells, one could spend a number of hours checking out the photos and artwork in each of the stairwells across the ship.

Guides Tours onboard Ship

Like the excursions available at each port of call, it is also possible to get tours of the ships themselves. These tours usually cover a number of behind the scenes areas that one would normally not get to see. Some of these areas include, the galleys (kitchens onboard ships), the bridge, the theatre stage, laundry, food storage lockers, and other key areas. These tours can run anywhere from an hour to 3 or 4 hours depending on the size of the ship. The tour I took onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas was a three hour tour because the ship is so big and there was so much walking.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Today going on a cruise requires a little bit of pre-planning since there are so many options. The goal is to identify what your intention is for the trip and book for those reasons. If it’s experiencing the ships, the large ships are a great choice. On the flip side, if it’s the destinations you’re after, the small to medium size ships are your best choice.

Once you know what you want to do, the next step is to setup your dining, shore excursions and any reservations onboard ship prior to the day of sailing. Otherwise, the costs will be higher and you’ll not enjoy your time away as much because you’ll be constantly focused on making plans based on availability.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll help you sort out all the questions you have and how to proceed. Take advantage of the benefits of cruises in the modern day and recharge and get reconnected with others.

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