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Will I get Bored ?

Today’s cruises have something for everyone and every age range. You can do as much as you can fit in or simply do nothing at all. It’s up to you. Either way, you will not be board.

What time should I (We) arrive at the cruise terminal ?

The best time to arrive at the cruise terminal is generally between 11AM and 1PM. This will allow for outbound guests to exit the terminal and the staff to get ready for boarding. However, please do adhere to the arrival time that you chose when completing online check-in.

Do I need a Passport ?

It is strongly recommended that you have a passport in the event that you need to fly home from a foreign port. However, if you are cruising from US ports, the minimum you need is a birth certificate and government issued ID.

What Time are the Rooms Ready ?

Rooms onboard are usually ready by 1:30PM. Suites will be ready a little sooner. A guest service agent at the terminal will be able to give up to date information.

What is Included in my Fare ?

Your fare included the following: your room and board, entertainment, and port fees. Food in the dining room and buffets are included. If you wish to do partake in specialty dining, there will be an additional charge.

Is there someone I can talk to about special occasions?

If you have a special occasion, such as a birthday, occurring while on your trip, see a member of the guest services team onboard ship. It is also advised that you contact the cruise line prior to the cruise.

Is Alcohol Allowed to be brought onboard ?

The only type of alcohol that you may bring onboard is two (2) bottles of wine or champagne, one per adult, per stateroom. Wine with screw caps are recommended as corkscrews are NOT allowed onboard ship.

Can I bring a plug strip or extension cord with me?

Due to safety guidelines, cruise lines do not allow any type of plug strips with surge protection.

You are allowed to bring USB chargers and certain approved plug strips without surge.