3 Tech Gadgets to Consider for Your Next Trip

Tech gadgets

There are a few travel tech gadgets you might want to consider adding to your electronics bag the next time you go on a trip whether it be on land or sea. It doesn’t matter whether its for business or pleasure as these items might bring some piece of mind and relaxation to you and your crew.

Universal Remote Control

Many times when you go into a hotel or ship cabin, the remote control provided for the TV is a stripped down model which prevents you from accessing all the functions of the TV, such as switching to an alternate video input (HDMI, Component, etc.). With an inexpensive universal remote, you can get access to such features allowing you to then connect your computer, tablet, or portable gaming console to the TV. All you then need to do is program the remote to the brand of TV where you’re staying.

These universal remotes can be obtained from electronic stores, dollar stores, and Amazon.com. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to have a source or input button on it to access the input switch on the TV. This is one that I would recommend and available from Amazon for just under $10 US. It is the Philips Universal Remote.

Travel Router

Today we should be concerned about who might be looking at our data via open WiFi connections. The best way to ease the pain is to invest in a travel router. They essentially connect to the hotel or ship’s WiFi and put a firewall between your devices and the public connection. This way when you connect, you’re connecting to your personal WiFi connection rather than the public one.

There are two models which I recommend depending on your budget. They are the TP-Link AC750 and the GL.iNet GL-A1300. They are all available on Amazon.com. Typically, travel routers are not available in electronic stores such as Micro Center or Best Buy.

Another piece of technology which is integrated into some travel router software are VPN connections. If you don’t know what a VPN is, it creates an encrypted connection through the Internet which prevents hackers from snooping into your business. VPNs can do two things, allow you to access resources on your home or office networks privately or allow you to access resources without the Internet service provider knowing where you are located as many providers put restrictions on what can be viewed or downloaded. If you have detailed questions, consider asking your favorite IT advisor or consultant for advice.

Portable Media Server

If you’re one who enjoys watching movies and relaxing in the room, you may want to consider setting up a personal portable media server with a library of movies, TV shows, music, etc.

The easiest way to to achieve this is to install Plex Media Server on your laptop or on a mini computer . Your favorite IT consultant can help you do this if you’re not sure how. Once this is all done, you simply load digital copies of your movies, shows, and music to the computer folder. Plex will then catalog everything by itself. It then becomes accessible to everyone through a web browser or mobile device.

In the hotel, you simple connect your portable server (ie. laptop or mini computer) to the TV and load your media of choice.

Another alternative is to setup Plex Media server at home and then access it remotely via WiFi. However, getting decent WiFi might be a challenge depending on where you are. Therefore, having a local one with you would be the best option.


Although these items might seem crazy or frivolous, they do serve a purpose. However, due to their technical nature, they might be intimidating. However, if you enjoy being entertained outside of the provided entertainment or need to keep in contact with work, they might be well worth the investment. None of them take up a huge amount of room in your bag, except if you take along a laptop.

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